Reedy Reels Film Festival

Film making is a practice in vulnerability. Especially independent film making–I imagine Spielberg doesn’t decide to shoot a script and worry if anyone will get behind it. But to have a vision for something, and then hope that someone, for some reason, will share–or at least feed off–your passion for the project can be a […]

A Project with Weight: Fight Club

I enjoy pretty much every project I get work on. But sometimes a project comes along that isn’t just a fun gig, it’s something that actually means something to me, something I can get behind. In March of 2012, I was going on break from work–I was selling iPhones at a Best Buy at the time–when […]

Shelter County

We’ll call it the first short film of my “professional career.” There’s a lot that I love about the south: drinking sweet tea and eating BBQ and boiled peanuts outside on a picnic table, watching fireflies on cool summer nights from a rocking chair on a front porch, cookouts on a river,  an extremely rich history […]

SM Marketing: Goodbye Facebook, Hello YouTube

Social Media marketing managers, it’s time to abandon Facebook, for good. Worsening an Already Unsatisfactory System I’ve worked as a social media marketer for a few years, from the time facebook ads were first becoming a thing until now. On paper, the idea of marketing on Facebook is wonderful. Here is a pool of information, […]

Crafting a Story: The BMW i8

High-end sports car commercials tend to be the flashiest, sexiest, most expensively produced ads you see on TV. And it makes sense too, when the product you’re selling costs as much as some houses. Make no mistake, the BMW i8 is a sports car deserving of a flashy commercial. It’s an innovative machine, a hybrid […]

The Story Behind "Be Normal"

Today was the official world-wide release of my first book, Be Normal (available from my website and Amazon). I wanted to share with you a little bit about my journey with this book. I really like to laugh. I mean, I know this is a pretty commonly shared enjoyment among humans–if you asked a room […]

This week's full endorsement

This weekend I wrapped up SC Comicon after months of work and long hours… but that’s a post for another time. What I really want to do is spotlight a particularly amazing project I found there that’s near and dear to my own heart and I thought the community I work with might find it […]

Fighting for positivity

Chris Pratt. This guy right? This guy is quickly beating out Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake to becoming my new man-crush. In a time that may be defined by skepticism and negativity, Chris Pratt is becoming the posterboy for positivity. I mean let’s face it, turn on the news and what do you see? Fellow […]

The Things We've Lost

2012. If you run into me at a coffee shop, in the supermarket, on the street downtown, ask me about 2012. I’ll tell you that I married the love of my life and moved to an amazing city where I made too many great new friends in so many different places that I can’t even […]

13 Favorite Things about 2013

I can rant. We all know that. At time in my life, I could’ve probably stood on the same stage as Glenn Beck and Michael Moore and fit in. The difference, though, is I actually love to love things. I’ve specifically attempted to keep this blog, and my life since I started it, rant free. […]